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Dick McAvoy


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Hunts Offered:

One of the most important requirements for a successful hunt is communication between outfitter and hunter. You will find various hunts, pictures, and items I furnish. I suggest that you write to me, or contact me by phone or e-mail. This way I can answer every question and give additional information about the hunt. My best advertising is a satisfied and successful hunter. 



As a full time professional hunter, I hunt nine months out of each year. About half of the remaining three months are used in preperation for hunts and summer mountian trips. I know the mountians in which I hunt and believe that hard hunting and luck are most important. Along with the professional ability and equipment to assist you in taking your trophy. I also offer honesty and personal attention. The game you will hunt with me is wild game in wild country. I beleive in fair chase, and all hunts are conducted according to the Boone & Crockett definition of Fair Chase.


My camp is never crowded. On Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope hunts there will be from two to six hunters, and sometimes a guide for each hunter. As licenses are filled, two guides may be working for one hunter. I try to hire only the most reliable and qualified guides. Some of my guides have been with me for several years. They know the country and how to put the hunter on the game. For Bear and Lion hunts, I take only one hunter unless two come together, or as a party.




Gear and Services Provided By The Outfitter

When the hunt begins, I furnish transportation, horses, pack mules, meals, lodging, and anything else that is needed on your hunt. I hunt from wall tents, cabins, and line camps on different ranches, depending on the time of year and the area we are hunting. Due to New Mexico's stratified seasons on mule Deer and drawing for Elk licenses, most of the hunts have low hunter pressure. We skin and cape your trophy and can prepare it for shipment or delivery to the taxidermist of your choice. For hunters bringing their wives, I will provide private lodging. I try to make your hunt both enjoyable and comfortable.

Gear Furnished By The Client

The client will furnish his rifle, bedroll, license, and personal gear. Bring rain gear and two pair of well broken-in, lace hunting boots- one for wet and one for dry. A warm sleeping bag is necessary for winter Lion hunts. Elk and Mule Deer hunters should bring binoculars, saddle bags, and rifle scabbards. Cold weather can be expected on Elk and Mule Deer hunts. A rucksack or small day pack is handy to bring also. Flashlight, canteen, and thermos are good equipment to have if you have them. Also bring plenty of film for your camera. 

Physical Condition

Good physical condition is a must for the hunts I offer. I cannot stress this enough. We will be hunting wild game in wild country at high elevations. On some of my hunts, long hours in the saddle can be expected. This can be very trying, physically. Along with good physical condition, you must have the determination to get the trophy you are after, which is just as important.


On Lion and Bear hunts, please bring an open sighted carbine or larger magnum handgun. A heavy, scoped rifle can be a real nuisance in rough country when you're on horseback or afoot. Your shots on Lion and Bear will be close. For Antelope a scoped sighted flat shooting rifle is a must. For Elk a 270 or larger.
Bow hunters are welcome. On Lion and Bear hunts please try to bring a short magnum, or a take down bow. Compound bows can be a real pain when on horseback in rugged, brushy country. Whatever weapon you decide to choose, bring one you are familiar and confident with.
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